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Must-See Places When You Visit Washington DC

There is so much to see when you are out wandering the streets of DC! It is one of the most popular capitals in the world with so much to see that it is almost impossible to see it all in just one visit (which is why most people opt for DC guided bus tour!). DC is home to a number of landmarks, museums and memorials that tourists can visit. If you are planning a one-week trip to DC, we suggest you create a list of places that intrigue you the most. Don’t know where to begin? Here are a few must-see places that you should visit on your trip:

The White House and the Washington Monument

Even if you are headed for a short trip to the exciting capital, it is worth stopping by the White House and the Washington Monument. The two marbleized symbols practically represent the free world of the US. The White House has been home to every American president since John Adams in 1801. If you opt for a tour for the building, you will get the opportunity to visit the State Floor which includes the Blue Room, Green Home and East Room. Next to the White House is the Washington Monument.

National Air and Space Museum

Does your little one aspire to be an astronaut? Well, then you cannot miss a trip to the National Air and Space Museum. The National Air and Space Museum is among the world’s most popular museums and for good reason! The building features a collection of the world’s first air and spacecrafts that will take you through the exciting journey of mankind. The museum includes permanent and changing exhibits that illustrate the technology and history of space flight and aviation. Several exhibits are interactive and contain priceless historical objects, such as a moon rock that you would be lucky to get a close look at.

National Zoology Park

No trip to the Capital is complete without visiting the National Zoology Park. This amazing park offers access to nearly 2,000 different animals, reptiles and bird, with all the species living in their natural habitats. It is among the best zoos in the world with respect to both quality and visitor experience. The giant pandas are among the most popular animals in this zoo and are definitely a must-see.


Are you interested in American history and politics? The Newseum will take you through an interactive walk through modern American history. Going beyond the world of journalism, the Newseum combines a number of static displays, interactive exhibits and films to give you a breakdown of some of the world’s most exciting events.
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Brandi Marcene | USA Guided Tours DC Blog Contributor