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NYC Holiday Lights Night Tour: A Unique Way to See the Big Apple

There are many choices when it comes to New York bus tours, each with its own promise of providing a different perspective of the city. You can choose to do it early in the morning to kick start your day or late in the afternoon and watch the busy New Yorkers as they jet off from work. Alternatively, you can also choose to do this at night. In the case of the latter, you may be particularly interested with our NYC Holiday Lights Night Tour. This is the perfect way to experience the city and its festive vibe for the upcoming holiday season. From towering Christmas trees (yes, Rockefeller Christmas tree is up now!) to glittering store windows, from vibrant decors to holiday carols, this will be an excellent way to experience the best of Christmas in New York.

See Some of the Most Iconic Sights in the City

There are some attractions that are better seen during the day, under the full glory of the sun. Some, however, will be better appreciated when they are blanketed by the dark sky and lit to showcase their beauty. This is exactly what you’ll experience with our NYC Holiday Lights Night Tour. One of the highlights would be seeing The High Line, an elevated park that is built on a former railway. You will also be seeing The Chelsea Market.

Ride and Explore the City in Comfort

When taking New York bus tours during winter months, it is important to make sure of your comfort. We take this seriously, hence, on our night and day tours, you will be riding in climate controlled limo-style buses that offer not only protection from cold and other weather elements, but superior comfort and smaller tour groups. The buses are stylish and upscale, providing you with the best way to tour New York City at night.

Book Your Seats Today

Do not wait before it’s too late! Our night tours are popular and sell out regularly during the holiday season. Secure your spot on the NYC Holiday Lights Night Tour today and be ready to see NYC in its full festive glory at night. With all the lights and holiday vibe, there is no wonder why NYC is one of the favorite travel spots during the holiday season.

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