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Explore DC on Your Terms!

Washington DC is among the most astounding capitals in the world. With tons of historical sites, memorials, and museums to see, tourists often feel intimidated about what places to visit first. Luckily, opting for private tours of Washington DC makes it easier for first-timers to plan their trip without any delays and inconveniences. You can plan your trip according to the sites YOU want to see and not waste time roaming around sites you would much rather skip.

Here is how a private tour allows you to explore DC on your terms:

Customized Itinerary


The biggest advantage of a private tour is you can customize the schedule to suit your convenience. This allows you to select your favorite sites and attractions according to your preferences and interest. Larger groups with several people typically cover a greater number of sights, some of which may not appeal or be of interest to you. By opting for a private tour, you will not be wasting any time and making the most of your vacation. This is exceptionally beneficial for folks who will only be in the city for a couple of days.

Personal Time with Your Family

Opting for a private tour allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones. Some people may not be comfortable with the idea of traveling with a bunch of strangers or may have had an unpleasant experience with insensitive participants on a group tour. Not to mention, going on a private tour makes the idea of traveling with your little ones less daunting.
Booking a private tour of Washington DC allows you to customize your schedule, making the whole experience more comfortable for you and your fussy child. This way, you can stop for the day if your kid is too tired and head to the hotel without worrying about angry tour members.


Washington DC private tours put you in charge. Saw something interesting on your way to the White House? Why not stop by and have a look at it the next day? When opting for a group tour, you would have to comply with the prescribed schedule and stick to the given routine. However, this is not the case with a private tour. Don’t be afraid to talk to your guide about all the places you’d like to visit first. They will graciously consider all of your suggestions and alter the tour to suit your needs. Not to mention, private tours mean you enjoy your trip in a laidback manner without feeling rushed.

By opting for Washington DC private tours, you will not feel constrained about sharing a bus with a group of strangers or settling for a boring itinerary. Feel free to enjoy sites that you really want to see. Washington DC is one of the most exciting places to visit in the world and opting for a private tour allows you to look around the city on your terms. Enjoy!

5 Reasons to Opt For a Private Guided Tour

Before you envision your perfect vacation to Washington DC, it is imperative you opt for a private guided tour. Many travel guides offer independent services to a small group of people. This way, tourists don’t have to worry about losing their way in crowded buses or yawn through an exhibition they weren’t looking forward to. Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for private tours of Washington DC:

1. Added Comfort and Safety

Going on a private guided tour adds an element of safety and comfort. Exploring foreign lands can seem daunting to tourists who are not aware of the culture and traditions of the city. While Washington DC is a great place to visit, the city is huge and can possibly make travelers feel nervous, especially if a bunch of strangers surrounds you.
On a private tour, you can take all the time you need to get to know your guide. Moreover, he will avoid potentially dangerous areas and offer tons of handy tips that might make your trip more comfortable. This might make the thought of traveling to a new place less daunting, especially for folks who don’t travel much.

2. Flexibility (once again!)


A guided tour company handles all the prep work and organization required to visit landmarks in the area. This saves tourists the time and energy needed to plan a trip. Nevertheless, wait, there’s more. On a private tour, you can customize the schedule according to your convenience. This means you no longer have to follow a boring itinerary and mix and match spots according to your interest.

3. Access to Special Sights

Many hidden gems and historical facts aren’t printed in travel and guidebooks. Rest assured, by opting for private tours of Washington DC, your personal tour guide will be happy to take you around fascinating attractions and provide you with all sorts of information about hidden places and artifacts. Best of all, your private tour guide will be solely focused on you and your family, giving him the chance to thoroughly answer your questions.

4. Cost-Effective

While private guided tours may seem expensive at first, you are actually saving money. By opting for Washington DC private tours, you only have to pay for attractions YOU want to see hence, you no longer have to aimlessly wander around the streets. So, why should you waste money on seeing attractions that you would rather miss? Consider opting for a private tour to save time and money.

5. Easier Communication with the Guide


Traveling with an intimate group means you get the opportunity to develop a close bond with your guide. Guides typically find it difficult to answer everybody’s questions if you are traveling with a large group. Opting for Washington DC private tours is especially beneficial for people who are interested in learning new facts and want to hear an in-depth analysis of the tour.

These are just a few reasons why you should opt for Washington, DC private tours. Good luck!

Brandi Marcene | USA Guided Tours Blog Contributor