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The Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House NYC is located near the southernmost region of lower Manhattan, at 1 Bowling Green. The building was originally the site of the duty collection offices for the port of New York and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is currently owned by the U.S. General Services Administration and houses the National Museum of the American Indian (first three stories), the National Archives of New York City, US Customs and Border Protection, and the Bankruptcy Court for Southern NY.

Inside the main rotunda of the building is a beautiful mural by Reginald Marsh, depicting seaport trade from the early shipping days of NY. Outside are sculptures of leading figures from the 20th century, and the building’s architecture features artistic carvings, sculptures, and relics. Notably, Daniel Chester French’s – four female limestone figures sit on the four corners of the building representing international commerce – American, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Above the columns of the building on the façade are twelve marble statues (which represent the seafaring nations) and above the windows are sculpted heads of the eight races of mankind.

The National Museum of the American Indian, the companion location to the Smithsonian Museum also found in Washington, DC, is open daily with a wide variety of events.